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  • What We Do

    We do what you need to save time, reduce mistakes, and enjoy time away from the office.

    Excel and Google Spreadsheets

    Customization and Automation

    Businesses and executives use spreadsheets to help track and visualize important and vital company numbers. Reduce errors and time producing reports by streamlining and automating their creation. Know that the numbers you see this month were calculated and produced the exact same way as last month! Stress less by knowing your numbers!

    Email Integrations and Tracking

    Integrations and Automation

    Integrate and automate email into your business processes. Email customers or employees progress updates automatically when they are completed. Track and know that emails were delivered and know if they were opened and read. Arrive to the office on the 1st of the month with last month's reports already generated and waiting in your inbox. Stop spending time or waiting for someone to compile last month's numbers. Make decisions faster and execute them sooner.

    Text Messaging Integrations

    Integrations and Automation

    Integrate and automate text messages into your business processes. The world is going mobile. Don't get left behind. Email notifications are great but text messages are better! Just about everyone has and carries a mobile phone with them. Stay in the loop and keep business running smoothly by keeping informed. Enjoy an afternoon or vacation knowing you don't need to be tied to your computer anymore.

    Custom Application Development

    Enforce Process Flows and Maintain Better Security

    Spreadsheets are great when you're starting out. After you understand your process flows a custom application provides for control and security than a spreadsheet. Different people only need access to certain information. Enforce rules with a custom application. Mobile apps go even further. The more convenient it is to enter data, the sooner and more likely it will happen! Out in the field? Use your phone to enter your information and report your findings!

  • Why IT Works


    You worry less knowing work is getting done, processes are flowing, procedures are being followed, and you don't need to "status check" on everything and everyone all the time.


    When you know that the same process is being used and that recurring calculations like monthly numbers are collected and compiled the same way then you don't have to worry that you might be incorrectly comparing apples to oranges.

    Error Reduction

    Ensure business rules and constraints are enforced. Find mistakes earlier in the process before decisions are made using bad information.

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